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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm posting a request here because this parameter would greatly improve the flexibility of the particle object:

    Initial angle (random value from 0 to user input value) - random angle variation is necessary for many systems to look believable (smoke, fire, water fountain...).



  • It's been requested before and I believe the reason for not being integrated is that rotating particles have very poor performance. The recommended alternative has been to just spawn sprites and rotate them through events.

  • Thanks for the answer. I did a forum research before posting but didn't see that. I'll probably go for some animated sprite with shader magic then.

  • I understand that particles that are rotating may cause issues, but I thought having the sprite come out and be set to a random angle would be okay.

    I look forward to having multiple frames to choose from, or even an animation. I'd rather not use multiple particle systems all the time.

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  • In fact, having the ability to use hand-made animations or pick a sprite from a spritesheet would be even more flexible than particle rotation, and practically erase the need for it.

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