[Request] Official APK compilation with Android SDK

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  • According to this thread ?

    I really hate using a Intel IDE tool and sending files to cloud and waiting to get compiled APK, even worse when we are offline, we can't compile apk

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  • I agree, a cloud-compiling is a bad thing for users with connection problems, and also is adding more work that is not intuitive (like how many people ask about "where is my APK exported?", add to that than the exporter for crosswalks is named "Android" which surely does not help at all).

    If it is possible legally wise, it should be done (not removing the possibility of using the intel XDK, but giving the choice at least, since I'm not sure one wrapper currently can be used offline to wrap up our apps)

  • Doable, but it will be a lot of work. Also users will have to install a few pieces of Android SDK/Java SDK. But personally with NodeWebkit supporting a kind of packaging. It would be great that C2 used this unpack chrom apk, inject into chrome, re-pack and re-sign. With MANIFEST options in the C2 and using one of the icons in the icon list. It would be a great tool.

  • jayderyu I don't mind installing Android SDK/Java SDK and probably many users won't as well. You already need to download Visual Studio for windows phones and Ejecta for Ios, so downloading something for Android is quite normal

    But anyway, like I said in other post "If exported build works the same like from XDK I'll be happy to switch over and not waste half a day for stupid tests only."

    Spending half a day only to send and then re download 10x times bigger files is just plain stupid. I have no idea why Intel choose that idiotic "cloud compiling way", you could easily compile stuff on your side without any problems... especially if crosswalk-project.org guide you step by step how to do it :/

  • Many users, like me, use other sdks, so most probably they already have the android sdk installed!

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