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  • So I've been tinkering around in Construct but I've come to realize that having the option to toggle objects as selectable would be awesome addition (I conceptualize this as right clicking the object in the objects menu and having a toggle, though maybe there's a better way). I say this because I'm working on a title with a lot of overlapping material and I frequently need to move things around when I want to make small changes to the level. If I could just set certain objects as unclickable rather than entire layers, that would really be helpful. Is something like this possible Ashley ?

  • It's a cool idea, though I doubt it will be implemented. I get around it by using the z-order panel. Click where you want to and it'll list every object that is overlapping whatever you just clicked in the z-order panel. Then, just select what you actually wanted from that list. Middle-click back on the viewport window and you can nudge the object with arrows, but even without that, you can change the object's properties in the property window at that point. It isn't quite as simple, but it works pretty well (and my scenes get really complex).

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  • Oh, that's a neat trick! I'll have to give it a shot! Thanks C-7 ! ...Still holding out hope though hahaha

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