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  • There's a 3rd party plugin for some Node Webkit-specific features including window controls but it doesn't work with 'minify script' enabled and 'resize window' seems to be off a bit..I tried inputting the different resolutions myself, and also tried retrieving the window size at start then multiplying it, but neither are accurate.

    Could these window controls be added to the official node webkit plugin?

    (Set width, set height, get width, get height, set x, set y, disable resize, etc.)

    Also is there any way to retrieve the user's screen size? There's no way to center the window after resizing it without this.

    Also would it be possible to adjust the "window size" even in full-screen? That was pretty cool in CC.

  • I agree, it's about time these features were added ;)

  • I also would really like this implemented - I tried the third party plugin but it has bugs and doesn't work with my game at all.

  • Window size and position options can be added to the "package.json" file in the Construct 2\exporters\html5\node-webkit folder.

    (Make sure you back the original)

    I added a max/min window size to a modded "package.json" file to stop the user resizing the game (works).


         "main": "index.html",

         "name": "[[[name]]]",

         "description": "[[[description]]]",

         "version": "[[[version]]]",

         "window": {

              "icon": "logo.png",

              "toolbar": false,

              "width": 960,

              "height": 640,

              "position": "center",

              "min_width": 960,

        "min_height": 640,

        "max_width": 960,

        "max_height": 640,

              "show": false


         "chromium-args": "--disable-extensions --disable-plugins --disable-internal-flash --disable-popup-blocking --enable-gamepad --enable-html5-camera --allow-file-access-from-files"

    Not sure if it works with mimified...not tested it.


    Hope this helps.

  • That's not the issue - we want to change it at runtime, rather than just at the start.

  • This is essential, would be even better if it let you change the resolution as well while fullscreen so that performance doesn't decrease as much.

    Also an option to disallow window resizing (or have it remember the size).

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  • Add me to the list of people who would really like to see these features.

  • I'm in too.

  • +1

  • This is an essential feature for C2 imo. HTML5 is one thing, but Construct could be a big deal in the desktop game market if it wants to be. It's just missing a few important bits like this!


  • +1

    Anything to boost desktop-related stuff :P Also TRUE FULLSCREEN <img src="smileys/smiley16.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • +1!!!

    Gamer enters setup and sees:

    Please select your desired resolution

    Res. 1   Res. 2   Res. 3   Res. 4

    Gamer clicks on Res. 3

    PLOP! the game window is instantly resized!

  • Yes, Please! This is essential for Desktop games. If this gets implemented I will miss CC and MMF a LOT less.

  • Throwing in my +1, too. Fullscreen mode needs some attention in particular.

  • yes please.

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