[request] new action for pathfind behavior

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  • Right now when I want to regenerate the obstacle, it checks every cell of the layout, that's a problem when you have a big layout like 5000x5000 and many enemies around you who each of them need to check obstacle every move some1 do..

    I suggest a new action, an addition that instead check every cell for obstacle, check only an area around the object, so there would be 2 actions to renegerate obstacle, one to check the whole layout and another one that you specify the size of cells around the object to check for new obstacles.

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  • I was curious about this as well. There was a post awhile back that indicated the issue was being dealt with in some way.

    Ashley is this something that's still in the works?

  • Woah didn't know about that post but it just proves that's something people are looking for, this would be a very welcome feature to the pathfinding, reducing a lot the cpu consume or fps drop, specially in the situations I mentioned above

  • Yeah, I made a thread a while back saying that regenerating the obstacle map for just one character cost 10fps for 3 seconds or so. With multiple characters, it pretty much brought the game to a halt.

    It was for that reason that I got rid of the destructible environment feature. It is not big deal, but I was going to have it in until I realized the cost of regenerating the obstacle map if even just one block was destroyed.

    If it would add/remove "just" the object that was created or destroyed from the obstacle map, I figure it would not have been a problem, in other words not affected the framerate.

    Even if a character ran into the object and paused for a second before realizing it needed to regenerate the obstacle map, that's still better than dragging the fps down to nothing in order to make sure it can move uninterrupted.

    So yeah, if regenerating the obstacle map can be done per object created/destroyed or within a limited radius of the character, it would be much better.

  • An official position about that topic would be good to let us know if this still on To-do list

  • [quote:2tdqcqyd]Yes, it's on our todo list.


    At least I don't find a reason why it would't be.

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