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  • Hello!

    Not sure where to post this, but, just my wish: to see some multiplayer games available in the store.

    It surprises me that there are many games available in the store, including many very high-quality games, and yet none of them utilise the multiplayer plugin of Construct 2.

    It would be really nice to purchase some to play with, deconstruct and learn from.

    Just a thought!

  • Hey Sidney.

    Not sure what kind of mp examples you are after but my card game template uses it (setup for peer to peer). I also have a free tutorial that should help you get started if you wanted to go that way instead. ... ayer-games

    You should be able to find some examples of real time games with a search, I know I have seen them shared before but that was a while ago.

  • Hey, I've seen your card game template and it's on my wishlist

    If I had a good idea for it, and some sweet gfx, then I'd definitely try and make a go of it.

  • It might be a little bit late, but I have setup a mobile platform for multiplayer games, including an invite function for opponents. The platform contains a signaling server, turn servers and a mobile app with a XWalkView for HTML5 (instead of Google's WebView). Game developers can simple post their game description, host the game anywhere or on the platform itself.

    A demo of the Construct2 Multiplayer Pong is provided as well. See attached video:

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    (Update) As of Android 7.x XWalkView is no longer supported and generates errors, so users having Android 7.x and above installed will use Google's WebView automatically.

  • Sounds pretty cool. The video talks about BMS, do you have a website or more details?

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  • BMS is the name of the app. Might not sound very sophisticated and just means Broadcast Messaging Service. You will find more detailed posts, pdfs, overview videos on There is a web access for game developers and publishers (described in the last pdf of the above mentioned link). It is free and anonymous.

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