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  • Can we be able to apply effects to the master audio channel instead of just tags?

    Even better would be to be able to assign effects to multiple tags though.

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  • Outside of the Gain(Volume) effect which is on the Master volume; most other effects are modifiers to the audio and don't have the same effective db use. If adding reverb 0 is none where as 100 is most.

    Though adding effects with named tags with be a lot nicer than dealing with effect by added order . I have a work around for my audio engine but it's clunky.

  • It doesn't have to be mast volume, just a master bus or something. To be honest though this isn't really a solution, the real solution is to be able to apply effects to multiple tags. "tag1" & "tag2" etc That way we can make mixers. At the moment, if I want reverb in an area I have to have all the sounds under the same tag. So, what if I wanted to control one of those sounds? I can't because if I pull it outside of the reverb tag, it won't be affected by DSP.

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