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  • Hello everyone,

    Today, there's no way to import a project into another.

    There are some 'tricks' but you still have to :

    -Recreate the layouts with size, options..Etc

    -Recreate the all layers with name, fx, options..Etc

    -Paste the objects on each layout and position them as the old one

    -Recreate the families

    -Reimport manually all the sounds

    I probably forgot things but what I bump into is enough to come here and ask that question :

    "Could it be possible to include in C2 an option that can make that import action easier?'

    Even if I already rename every element of the game to avoid duplicates, I really don't know if it's possible technically speaking.

    If I'm trying to merge Two projects is because I want to include a minigame into another big game. It's quite common.

    It's better to work on the minigame on one side and the big one on the other side. That way I don't risk possible mistakes on the big one and also I don't have to load that big game in memory each time I test something on the little one.

    I can also playtest online the minigame easely without sharing the big project.

    It could be very useful to have an import project option!

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  • I do this very often (Penelope takes ages to launch in preview mode, so I work on new features like the 4P multiplayer mode in another capx then merge) and yes, it can be pretty long.

    I'm glad C2 can so easily rename objects and variables, that's already super convenient compared to real code / visual studio where renaming breaks everything, but easing this process could be useful for big projects : )

    KaMiZoTo Unrelated, but congrats for Medusa! < 3

  • Aurel Thank you! <3

    Squale, from the french community site 'Construct-French.fr' has made a nice tutorial to explain how to merge two projects.


    Sorry it's in french. :/

    I will try to translate it in a HOW TO post.

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