Request: Hotkey for adding action points

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  • Is it possible to add a simple keyboard shortcut for adding a new action point? This would speed up workflow a lot.

    Since the add new action point button is in a different window, sometimes when you click "add" it doesn't work (because you only activated the window focus...) and you end up changing the position of a different point without knowing it. This means you have to double click to add a new point, but then sometimes the window already does have focus and you've added 1 too many points because of the double click (which means you have to manually check through all your points to make sure you didn't accidentally add an "empty" action point).

    (I'm using multiple large images for my levels, so that I can automatically create invisible solid sprites that span between 2 points -- which is why I have so many action points in an image, since I figure this might give better performance than having hundreds of individual tiles or having a huge amount of collision polygon points).

    TLDR: Adding action points is a chore because of different window focusing, so having a hotkey would be great.

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  • I want grid snap for action points

  • Added to todo list.

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