Request, groups in debugger profile not rearrange themselves

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  • I'm trying to optimize my game, but it's frustrating trying to watch a group's CPU use in the profiler because they keep rearranging themselves constantly. I think it would be far more useful if they didn't rearrange themselves at all.

  • this is mostly because some triggers or eventcheck with 0.1 get bumped and then returns, while interesting to know its getting activated, its hard to keep track of, but the problem with static list, is if you don't have much space for the profiler, and your testing your project, you wont see where changes happens down the list

    if you are scrolling in the debugger you're not testing your functions/game, so less activity..

    if you do have space, a static list and maybe a slight color indicator would be more usefull

    so i think an option would be best in this case, static/dynamic order maybe?

    edit: wether or not you have space, it would be a good option if your interested in a certain group

  • I agree that an option for static/dynamic rearranging is a good idea.

  • +1 I've experienced this too, though a smallish workaround is to click Pause on the debugger, it will pause all the profiler stuff so you can read it without it moving everywhere

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  • That's not really optimal for watching something though because I'd have to keep pressing pause every second and then scrolling to find the group each time to watch what it does. :/

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