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  • Ok i know ash and the team are very very busy, but one request i'd like to ask if it's possible to implement is, on Game Maker Studio if your Android device is connected via usb and is in debugging mode, you can test your game straight away without having to use wifi, this makes game testing really fast for speed checks etc, is this not a possiblity with C2 maybe at some point, all thats needed is ADB and a small script to push and run the file..?

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  • The preview on lan feature that already exists works really fast.

  • OK thanks i have looked at that option but havent tried it yet, but i just thought the USB option is great to use on Game Maker for me as i'm not always working at a computer that has internet connection.

  • tonycrew you don't need an internet connection for using 'Preview On LAN'

  • Isn't 'Preview on LAN' even easier? No cables necessary, nothing to install, and instantly runs when you click in C2.

  • I do if i dont have wireless dongle fitted to my pc.... For me to preview on my Tablet it runs through my router and then send it to my tablet.

    There's nothing to install to run via usb, ADB can be in the C2 Directory and is Free, All android devices have ADB Client installed as part of the OS that makes it easy for them to push, retrieve and run files via USB.

    I just thought it would another option for end users to test games that would require a very small amount of code from your side.

    Other wise i have to go and use Phonegap/appmobi, or Cocoon apps to complie, then copy the APK file to my tablet just to check a small change.

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