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  • Can we please have the option to stretch the game window without letterboxing nor showing more or less of the layout? Just a plain old screen-fit stretch. For people who'd rather not have letterboxing and don't mind the pixels stretching a bit. "Scale Outer" is very close already, but shows more of the layout.

  • Basically, this is the only thing missing from Construct 2.

  • You mean stretching to fill the window size no matter how different it is? I cannot understand why anyone would ever want this - it looks horribly ugly since it distorts the aspect ratio, and it trashes pixel art due to ignoring integer scaling. Also the engine uses one scale value and has no support for different scales on the X and Y axis, so this would actually be pretty difficult to support. So, some difficult work to support an ugly feature...

  • I hate to be the "How bout this?" person but I think this is one of the most clever systems.

    In Fungus -a Unity 2D framework- they have a 4:3 in a 16:9 view! That way you can easily compare the viewport of both aspect ratios. .

    Between both of these it handles 90%+ of mobile devices( with a tiny bit of wiggle room).

    I'm not suggesting adding it into base C2 since I'm already working on implementing it myself. But I just thought I'd throw it out there as a solution for others. If I get it working I may post a tutorial one those are opened back up.

  • I'm confused. Is that not already in C2?

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  • vybr Kinda. The functionality works just the same as "scale outer" which C@ obviously has. The interface I posted just has a easy visual guide to help with designing and figuring out how things will look visually.

    So yes, but without that same guide.

  • Ashley Yeah it is kind of ugly. There ARE people who'd rather have all that warping than letterboxing though...to get the most out of their TV or whatever. I thought it'd be really easy to implement but if not then disregard. shinkan I'll take a look!

    On a slightly different note...what about custom letterboxing? Like a 9-patch to fill in the gaps instead. La-Mulana does this and it looks pretty good. Some games, like Odallus, even turn the letterboxing into the HUD for a "fake" 16:9 ratio. Kind of interesting. Maybe for C3? It can probably be done ourselves in C2 but that'd kinda screw up the viewport and conditions like "is on screen".

  • I personally always missed this feature when doing custom window size management systems. Although it indeed looks ugly when the stretch is too big, it's very useful for when there's those 20-50px missing at each side in a fixed sized layout.

    If you stretch something by 5-10% maximum the stretch is practically imperceptible and the result is much better then that small gap that is too small to seem done on purpose, and look like a glitch or a miscalculation instead.

    For being really useful it needs to be controllable during runtime though, since applying it at all times just looks horrible.

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