[Request] Five Button Mouse Support (thumb buttons)

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  • As I understand, you can only associate the left, right, middle buttons and the mouse wheel (up, down) with a condition/action. I guess that with online games this should be sufficient and perhaps the 4rth and 5fth mouse buttons might even cause problems with the internet browsers, because they are most commonly used for "go back"/"go forward".

    But for PC games with the node-webkit I believe that the two additional buttons offer more versatility and game-play options to the game designers and to the players. I for sure try to use them on every game that I play and get particularly frustrated when the game developers won't give me the option to remap controls to these buttons (I use the XMouseButtonControl).

    Is it possible ( Ashley ) to add the additional thumb buttons as an condition in construct 2?

  • As a user with a 5 button mouse, I agree.

  • +1

    Perhaps instead of a drop down listing the buttons available, the plugin should have an input box for the button ID, i.e. 0=Left; 1=Right, etc. This would lend itself to mice with more than 5 buttons.

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  • Sorry to bump this up again,

    Ashley , can you please tell us if it's actually possible to implement 5 (or more) mouse buttons functionality in Construct 2, and, if yes, perhaps give us a rough estimation of when that might happen?

    Thank you in advance,


  • AFAIK only 3-button mice have been standardised in Javascript, I'm not sure if you can detect extra mouse buttons from a browser.

  • Oh... that's a bummer

    Anyway, thank you for your response and for clarifying that Ashley ! I hope this is going to change in the future, perhaps when HTML5 games become more of a standard, so will the the need for more mouse buttons


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