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  • I'm new to construct2, and when creating events, I often lose track of what does what in my event sheets. My suggestion is that events can be placed into folders, purely for organization. Any events that have to do with player movement can be placed by the designer (person using the program) into a "movement" folder. Need to keep track of what causes certain audio to trigger? Put it into an "Audio trigger" folder! This would make debugging and polishing *much* easier. Thoughts?

  • I can't see how this would be any more useful than the Create Group ability that already exists.

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  • Had no idea that feature existed! Thanks!

  • <img src="smileys/smiley25.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> There are folders for events. I have quite a number of folders, and I have an event sheet in the top one that includes all the sub sheets so I can easily bulk-import the logic.

    If you right-click on "Event sheets," do you get the "Add subfolder" option?

    (Just took a quick snapshot of prototype I started a few days ago -- this is what you're looking for, right?)


  • PixelHero

    I meant folders *inside* of event sheets, to keep individual events organized. This exists as the "group" tool. Thanks anyways though! :-)

  • Dont forget to make use of the "bookmark" feature as well. Right click an event and hit "add bookmark" to jump back easily in the future to a section.

    You can use the "search" field at the top under the view menu to find specific events etc as well.


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