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  • Hey, I'm making a top down RPG game based on tiles and honestly the process of making the scenarios are taking too much time and there could be some features in C2 that would make that process a lot faster. For example, when I want to add water to the game, I have to add the water itself and then the borders, which is a total of 13 different sprites to make it look good. In map editors like rpgmaker there is a feature that makes the borders automatically and also I know there is a program called Tiled that you can make that same thing too, the problem of Tiled is that it draws everything based on tiles of the same size, you want put 2 trees overlapping each other and you would need to make 2 different layers for each one or you could make different tilesets with different square sizes to make a tile as a whole object, those 'solutions' are not good. the ideal would be a map editor like the one used in open tibia servers, you can draw the whole terrain like in tiled, automatically adding borders and for objects like trees, it adds as a 1 single sprite.

    I could also make a layer in C2 with tilemap that covers only the terrain also but unfortunately the plugin lacks some functions like paint large areas at the same time, borders being added automatically, etc., so the solution would be make the whole terrain in Tiled and then import it in C2... but I would only see the terrain while the ideal at least for me would be make the terrain at the same time I adds objects/details to the scenario..

    What would be good is make a plugin like 9patch that creates sprites with borders around it while you are placing them in the layout.

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