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  • I'm wooting for seeing a dynamic dialogue interface built in Construct, like those ones with branches we see in RPG Maker and similar ones. Hope this becomes true. Thanks in advance

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  • well, its true that that would be awesome, but you can make it with the logic tht c2 has right now, using dictionaries or even arrays makes it possible

  • oh boy please, please, please lead me to a example video on how to make a rpg i really need this so bad...

  • I'd also like to see a tool for simplifying the task of creating spoken text like dialog.

    Perhaps something like a Dialog behavior that adds some extra parameters to the Text/SpriteFont object, like:

    -The typewriter effect (with speed properties and a condition that checks when a letter/word is written (for triggering sounds for example)).

    -An option to turn on the "..." that should appear if the text content is overflowing the Text/SpriteFont object's physical boundaries (and a corresponding condition that check when this is true and gives the option for an action i order to forward the text content).

    The dialog object should automatically understand which word is the last one that fits in the available space and cut the remaining text out, adding the "..." at the end.

    Perhaps a system expression that adds breaking points into the text, will make for a more logical word distribution. Something like: "Hello world, " & ... & "how are you today?" should automatically be displayed like this if the whole sentence doesn't fit in the Dialog area:

    Hello world,... //(waiting for an action)

    how are you today?

    I'd also very much like to see some expressions that are meant to simplify the procedure of displaying text from a txt document. Something like display line x, or display from line x to line y could be simply coded by something like this:

    line(x) ---> display all the words in this line, based on an index starting from 0

    par(x, y) -----> display all the words in this paragraph, based on an index starting from 0. The "..." and "newline" system expressions should also be taken into account.

    Ideally, this should happen directly from the Dialog behavior, without the need of the AJAX object.

    I'm dreaming, right?

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