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  • I have noticed that a lot of questions about specific platforms or devices tend to pop up again and again.

    Would it not make sense to create some platform specific subforums, so people developing for iOS could go in there and ask questions related to iPhones, iPads, etc.

    It seems to me that the amount of exporters for Construct2 is growing and not stopping any time soon. I for one have purchased an Ouya, and would like to some day be able to export to that Android device. It would make sense for me then to have an Android subforum where I could ask device specific questions. My experience is that a lot of information is spread out and lost in the forum in "hidden" posts on various subjects.

    I propose the following structure, feel free suggest others:

    Scirra forum

        > Construct2 platform specific development

            > Android

            > iOS

            > Linux

            > Mac

            > Windows

  • I'm not sure this makes sense, since the underlying engine is identical on all platforms. The only differences are relatively small, such as a certain object may not work, or the ability to use platform-specific plugins like the Windows 8 object. This is all documented (but lots of people still ask questions about things that are documented :P)

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  • You probably have a point.

    I just feel like I see a lot of questions repeated again and again in various subforums, and answers are buried quickly in the general categories, probably due to the volume of new posts. The tutorials help I guess, but I for one would love to have subforums for the different platforms.

  • Maybe some official topic tags could be useful? Like [Android] [cocoonjs] [request] etc

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