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  • I'm using the value selection in the sine behaviour for a sprite, and for what I'm using it for, it's working fine.

    In setting it up, I created a text box to see exactly what values were being displayed, and was surprised to see that in setting the magnitude to 2, the value moved from a positive 2 to a sudden positive 358. This means that this behaviour, as far as I can tell, can only really be used for angles.

    Luckily that's just what I needed for, so it didn't bother me, but I did recall a question I asked a few weeks back, which was relating to an EasyEase behaviour.

    Wouldn't the angle issue also work if the figure went from 2 to -2? This would allow people to use the behaviour with both angle and position. Also, I wonder if it's possible to set the to and from figures, so it could be 2 to -20 if I wanted it to be.


  • It shouldn't do that. Post a bug report with a .capx, it should be linear by default. I'm pretty sure it is actually, maybe you made some mistake.

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  • Ah, yes! My mistake. I had set the text to show the angle, rather than the value.

    In any case, I'd still like to set it up so that I can choose my own custom values either side of the scale.

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