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  • Ashley (Sorry to bug you again)

    Would it be possible to make Construct 2 able to make custom layout shapes instead of the regular box? I feel it would streamline game design and help eliminate some of the need for complicated cameras in certain games like platformers and stage-type games.

    One thing it would prevent is the camera going of the "level" while following the player, e.g. the player is next to a wall and half the camera is in the wall, or making the ceiling high and having the camera halfway through the floor.

    Would this be possible? It could be a feature to create custom layout shapes and sizes using boxes and rectangles.

    Maybe the layout can be designed using boxes and rectangles that are multiples of the window size.

    I think this has a lot of potential uses.

    Thanks for the time spent reading and possibly replying to this!

  • Sorry but I don't see much logic on this. You should control your camera instead. Use methods like this and use unbounded scrolling if needed.

    There is no way the camera would automatically know what to do on what ever the layout shape is.

  • Why don't you just position your play area away from the edges of the layout?

  • Colludium you don't get it, the edges of the layout act as a lock for the camera so they don't stray from the playing area.

    Katala, thanks for the tutorial, but how would I go about making that?

  • Nesteris,

    I think I get it - perhaps I should explain a different way. See the example below - you don't have to permit the player to be near to the edge of the layout if you don't want.

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  • You can download the CAPX from the left side of the page.

  • Turn on unbounded scrolling and you can implement custom scroll bound logic for any shape.

  • I used Katala's suggestion, took a bit of tinkering to implement it into my game.

    Thanks for the replies! I think this is gonna be my last post for a while as I got everything figured out for now.

    Thanks for the amazing help!

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