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  • Hi

    I think we really need a "customize controls" thing. I don?t know if it should be a plugin, a tutorial, or what, but not all keyboards are arranged equal, and a player should be able to customize his/her interface easily.

    This kind of key binding should be so hard to do (for the gamemaker). And hardcoding a key to a motion should?t be the standard way to write Construct 2 games.

    I would like to be able to have a virtual left button, a virtual right, etc, and be able to bind them to the arrow key, the gamepad directions, a screen button, the l-mouse when it meets certain conditions, or whatever the user chooses. i think it would make games mores accessible, and coding more simple.

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  • If you are talking about key binding while ingame

    It already exist , just go check out the keyboards manual entry

  • I have customisable controls in my current project - took about an hour to put it all together including storing and returning values from WebStorage. From there, just use Key code pressed/down/released for all your control actions and animation changes.

  • I too have done this, not too difficult.

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