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  • Hello you devs ,

    i was wondering if it could be possible to get a chance to write own scripts

    for your games like in that game dev software noone is allowed to name^^

    this feature would combine a beginner friendly engine with drag n drop game development and giving advanced users a chance to get their handy deeper in code and controling things a bit more on their own way :)

    i would like to see a option in the preferences to switch between easy and advanced mode or to attach scripts ( maybe .c2 files :p ) to the projec and code some functions :)

    just a idea :)

  • I think it's would be super!)

    (Browser object have "Execute javascript")

    For example I want to write my own loops like for or while or etc... and I want have normal arrays, just arrays (array[10][10]...), and classes... Nice idea! You haven't to write your own plugin, just write few (or few hundret) strings in console and go-go-go.

  • The javascript SDK is there for exactly that purpose :)

  • This subject/suggestion has already been discussed/proposed many times, and always been rejecting.

    As vee said, you want to script/code, go ahead and use the JS SDK.

    There is no real advantage to have such coding though compared to learning to use the event system which is far more powerful than gamemaker's basic option (btw, there's absolutely no issue on Scirra's forums with talking about competitor's software since C2 is the best anyway. This kind of censorship has only been reported on said competitor's forums).

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  • The amount of times this comes up is ridiculous.

    Ashley set out to create an event driven system, which he has done admirably.

    There are numerous script driven systems out their if people require them, or even use the SDK to create your own plugins.

    I for one would not like this to be incorporated.

    Damn! Ninja'd by Kyatric :)

  • i dont want to code a plugin, i want to be able to write a codeline and see what it does after pressing F5 .

    eg :

    me.button1.clicked = layout.restart("layout1");

    or something like that.

    but the sdk is a good thing too

  • I don't think it's even possible this far in C2's development

    Correct me if I'm wrong , C2 only transforms event , into javascript on runtime .

  • eg :

    me.button1.clicked = layout.restart("layout1");

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36472942/construct/forumhelp/obvious.PNG" border="0" />

    Why would you want to script that, it's already in and easy to do/use with the event system.

  • Coming from Game Maker, I can understand the feeling that the drag-and-drop system is inferior to coding - when I worked in game maker, you didn't use the drag and drop system for anything.

    In C2, on the other hand, the event system is powerful and flexible enough to replace coding entirely.

  • I, for one, would much rather efforts be continued to improve the existing system and add new features.

    The work required to allow scripting as well is potentially extensive, and given the flexibility of the current highly-capable event system -- as well as the JavaScript plug-in SDK -- I would much rather than effort be spent on more awesome features, bug fixes, and improving performance.

  • One thing that would be nice is an external script system that compiled runtime builds can run. You could allow for modding with that. Maybe this is possible already with the JS SDK?

  • ErekT: You can already load external files with AJAX and use the XML format to help you do this.

    But this depends on the type of game you're making, and this wouldn't exist as a "one fit all" type of feature.

  • Cool!

  • i still wonder how and where c2 saves the games state when i use the SYSTEM-SAVE event..

    i would like to see .sav or even .ini files wich i can mod to make it fit for my games type..

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