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  • Would it be possible to have an option to export a game to HTML without sprite sheets?

    This would be very useful in the development stage.

    We had a good workflow when C2 didn't use sprite sheets where our artist could simply overwrite the place holder graphics in an exported game running out of dropbox and see how they looked within the game. This was minimal fuss for him.

    I'd rather not "save as project" as the old workflow was much simpler.


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  • You shouldn't work that way; if you change the size of the image, it can cause bugs in the engine, because information like the file size and image dimensions are generated at export time, and these are wrong if you overwrite images after exporting.

    What's wrong with saving as a project? Then the artist just needs to edit images in the project folder, which is supported, rather than in the export folder, which is not supported.

  • We would make sure the pictures were the same size and would use an exports folder in dropbox purely for testing, which was for the use of the artist.

    The artist could test his art on the fly within the game but the pictures would always be reimported by the programmer. In this way the programmer would have complete control over version increments in C2 and the artist wouldn't access C2. It meant that labours could be divided clearly and there would be no mix ups over versions while 2 people worked simultaneously in different locations. It also meant there could be a trail of versions e.g Game v001 -> Game v200.

    Like any project requiring multiple contributors a system needs to be developed amongst the contributors. This workflow seemed to work best for us, although I'd welcome any opinions on the best way of diving labours and I make this request with no idea how much labour would be required by Ashley to implement this feature.

  • Hello Ashley, I'd like to renew that request. My concern is connected to a problem with the created sprites. If you are interested, I could explain more on that.

    Edit: OK, I've decided that you would be interested about the problem. It appears after scale down to 0.25 of the original sprite size. Since on the newly created sprite sheet (during project export) is another sprite nearby, one part of it becomes visible as part of the scaled sprite. The problem is repeatable and is represented only after exporting the project to HTML5.

    Do you think it could be implemented for C2 to use either sprite sheets, or just the originally created/opened PNG, JPG, etc. files??

    Thanks in advance.

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