[Request...again] Pick tiles from the layout

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  • Ashley Things have slowed down with C3 in development and all, and I haven't seen many requests lately so I thought I'd try this one again...

    We really need the ability to pick tiles that have already been placed on a tilemap canvas (what the right-click does in Tiled Map Editor).

    This will significantly increase production as we'll be able to quickly reuse tile patterns and not have to pick every single tile from the tilemap bar.

    Y'know how they say a solid state drive is the single biggest upgrade you can get for your computer? Well this is it for tilemaps! It's also the last feature we'll ever need for the tilemap object as far as I'm concerned.

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  • Ashley

    Not to mention it'd be awesome having an action to delete save slots.

    Right now we only have "Save" "Load" On Saved" "On Loaded" "On Load Failed.".

    Yeah, and check if save exist would be nice too. I asked about this features recently - here.

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