[Request] Add Turret target for specific object instances

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  • I am trying to use the same TURRET object for both the player and the enemies. Using the Turret Behavior, here is what I have so far

    Code: Select all
        System | Pick TURRET instance 1
        --- TURRET | Add Turret target TARGET[/code:18xxg6ev]
    The issue is that it adds TARGET as a target for all of the TURRET objects on screen (not just the "nth" instance of the object). This would mean that the Players TURRET object will attempt to target itself.. It appears that Add Turret target is a global action, regardless of the objects picked in the condition.
    This is a request to fix this limitation of the Turret behavior that we all know and love!
  • In the meantime, just use separate turrets (or families of turrets) for player and enemies.

  • I'm now having this issue, too. I really don't want to have to duplicate each object type for each player. With 6 races and 20 units each, that means I'll have to have (for 4 players) 480 objects (3/4 of them redundant duplicates...) as opposed to 120...

    Is there a work-around? I'll be a bit surprised if there isn't.

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  • Hi. Still no plans to change/fix this?

    I just tried this:

    to assign the target only to turrets with a specific instance variable but all turrets attack the Enemy sprite.

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