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  • Greetings!

    I have a small request (wich I hope wont be toomuch work)for the image editor where you manipulate with the collision points on each frame. At the moment it seems the only way to add points is by right-clicking and pick "add point".

    I would love to see a shortcut in the future where for example you could hold ctrl button and then by left clicking, you get a new point over the blue line that is the nearest of the mouse. That way it wont need to go trough hard calculation of moving the line itself to adjust to the new added point and I wouldn't need to go trough the constant right clicking to pick the "add point".

    Would this be possible to make?

    Id also like to read what the community thinks of this addition for the future.

  • I think you can already use a shortcut, let me find it for you.

    Edited: no, it's not there =


  • Nevermind.. misread

  • I'm not at my PC, so I can't be 100% sure, but I believe you can double click an existing collision point to create a new one.

  • What zatyka said is correct.

    Double clicking a collision point will create one between the double clicked point and the next one.

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  • Hmm I see, I guess that is also a good enough way to speed up the process. I couldn't find anything in the manual so I though the only way is the right-clicking option.


  • Something I'm desperately hoping for is the ability to assign collision points accurately based on precise x and y co-ordinates for the sprite itself. Implementing a grid function, similar to the grid which is available when editing layouts, would make things even easier. Still, on a basic level, it would be super helpful for me to be able to assign collision points based on definite co-ordinates.

    Right now I'm developing a physics based game where I have sprites representing slopes, and currently the collision points have to be set manually and in a very rough manner based on eye judgment. This mean that when I have two different sprites representing two different slopes next to each other in the layout I can only guarantee they will line up perfectly with each other using trial and error. It would mean the world to me in terms of developing my game if I could have a way of knowing for certain that a collision point in one sprite was at a definite x,y position and know the same for the adjacent collision point for the adjacent sprite, so they lined up perfectly allowing for a smooth connection between the two parts of the overall slope.

    A premature THANK YOU! to any Construct developer who sees this and takes action!

  • PantuTheDog: Select your collision point and set its X and Y position in the top fields of the editor.

    Check this out it works the same for points of the collision polygon (not the numeric keyboard shortcut, but you can use arrows and directly set the numeric coordinate).

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