[Request] Action to activate/deactivate 'Pixel Rounding'.

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  • Hello,

    In the menu options of my game, you can switch between the High fullscreen quality mode and the Low one.

    (For info, the game resolution is 640,360)

    With Pixel Rounding OFF :

    -High Quality : smooth movements for the objects and the camera.

    -Low Quality : smooth movements BUT a lot of objects visually 'shake' when the camera moves. It's ugly.

    With Pixel Rounding ON :

    -High Quality : Jerky movements of the camera and objects with small moves. (you clearly feel the pixel 'snap')

    -Low Quality : same 'snapping' feeling BUT no more 'shakes'.

    So I would love to be able to set, with an 'action', Pixel Rounding to OFF for the high quality mode (smooth moves) and to ON for the low quality mode (no shakes).

    Unless there's downsides...

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