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  • Hi everybody, I have some question about how Construct2 can access to local files and update them.

    Now, In construct2 is possible to request a file project in folder with AJAX, but I am confused about how we can update the local file.

    this step is very important to make a dinamic games, because you can save a lot of local data (like JSON) and you can load into the game. but if we can't update the file into the app will be very strange to savegame... in local...

    now, for the web is easy to fix this, you can make a database and a users to load e manipulate the data, but I'm worried about the local savegame.

    if we like to savegame on iphone for example, how we can fix this? I don't like to force the login for load a simple savegame... I saw how the normal app in iphone works, with XML and JSON, and the apps save the data in a folder of the app

    I start now to export my game with cocoonJS, and I need some help to understand this, savegames are the most important to make a good games... maybe I'm wrong and when I publish the app and I install my app in the iphone, the phone will make a special folder for the cache where is impossible to delete the cache with safari

    I need some explanations about this...

    Thank you very much

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