[Request] 9patch & Tiled BG collision checking

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  • Can we please have basic collision checking for 9patch objects? (And while we're on the subject, maybe Tiled BG's as well?)

    I use them for "editor" objects like triggers, zones, and surface modifiers because they have resizable borders and can tile the icons I make inside of them; great for readability in the editor and standing out from the rest of the objects. Problem is I occasionally need them to interact with other 9patch & Tiled BG objects.

    I've also already made dozens of these objects with code and all..so it'll be a nightmare to swap them out for a different object type at this point :T

  • I would like to chime in with setting an Angle for the 9-patch - that would really come in handy.

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  • Have you considered creating a 9patch container to include a sensor sprite? On create 9patch, size the sensor object to the 9patch dimensions so you can use it for any collision checking. Not perfect, but at least it'll give you access to any 9patch object variables and it shouldn't require a major re-write of your event sheets. Apologies if you've already considered this, but a work-around might be the only solution (I seem to recall this sort of thing being asked for a long time ago).

  • Colludium I hadn't considered that, actually. I suppose it'll work in the meantime, but collisions for 9-patches and Tiled BG's would still be very nice.

  • I would like to chime in with setting an Angle for the 9-patch - that would really come in handy.

    me too and i want to add "scale" to the list, without it, its really hard to use nice looking graphics without making a huge window width.

    usually i use a window width of 480x320 or something alike and scale down all sprites by a factor of 2 or 4, so the game looks good on most resolutions. If the tiledbackground or 9patch is scaled down in a graphicseditor to fit these sprites it will look blurry on most resolutions so i often have to use sprites where 9patch or tiledbg would be better (especially when i need it to be tiled ^^)

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