replacing sprites with smaller version possible?

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  • Just checking, because I do not think it is possible in Construct yet. However, the current game I am working on uses too much memory for mobile. A simple solution is to replace the current sprites with lower resolution ones. However, Construct does not keep the original's relative scale, and scales it down.

    It would be great to have an option that we could replace assets with lower or higher resolution versions, and all the instances in our project would update without changing the relative scale.

    For example, suppose I change a sprite to a 50% version. Construct would then automatically calculate that all instances used are relatively scaled up by that value, no matter their actual size in the layout.

  • Agreed, it has been asked for before so here is hoping it is on Ashley's list

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  • I found a simple workaround: open the generated javascript file, and use the editor's find function to look for the object definition's image name to replace (name of image in images folder). Scale down the image, and replace the original. Then replace the width and height values with new ones.

    Full sprite sheets take more effort.

    This method only works well for sprite objects with just one single frame, or perhaps a couple of frames. A larger spritesheet would take more work - though someone could potentially write a small utility to scour the source code for sprite objects, and change the values accordingly in one go. Luckily enough image points are set in percentages, and not absolutely.

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