Replacement for "scale inner" by mannual scaling

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  • Hello friends!

    I have 960x1280 portrait project with "Scale inner". The main content is located at 720X1280 that is, the aspect is 9:16.

    When I created the project, I did not think about narrow phones, and now i have such situation:

    In principle, now I would be satisfied with the solution:

    the project does not change except that "Scale inner" is replaced with a manual scale,

    which behaves exactly in same way if the aspect ratio of the phone is greater than 9 by 16,

    otherwise the picture decreases so the whole content fits in width even with voids from above and below:

    For this, I set the option "Fullscreen in browser" in the "Crop", and at the start of the application I run the following actions:

    But it did not work. Even in the case of an aspect larger than 9 by 16, the image is huge, although the "scale_common" is calculated correctly. What am I doing wrong?

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