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  • Hi guys, just a word to say that I love Construct 2 very much. We are currently working on a big game, using the Spriter plugin to prevent huge sprites to create big loading lag and it's working well.

    If I can suggest something, I think the feature I miss the most is a simple replace function for the objects.

    It's working very well for variables, and I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be that hard to replace an object by another in all events. I had this problem several times on a 500+ events projet (I suddenly needed a family for the hero sprite, and had to replace all the "hero" object by its family in all events, one by one )

    Just my idea

    Thanks and keep up the good work

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  • The feature is already implemented, select the events and press r. It's also in the right click menu as replace object.

  • Haha, thanks ! Hopefully my last piece of ignorance

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