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  • safari on mac is not rendering some of the images. All the other browsers are working fine. This is only happening on safari and firefox on mac. I checked the error log, no errors.

    When I enabled WebGL on safari, it works fine on mac.

    1) First, I tried with four layers with images on each layer.

    2) only top layer images are displayed.

    3) I merged all the layers, making only one.

    4) Now, only one image (and its instances) are not being displayed.

    can't figure out exactly what is happening. Can some one tell me how to debug this issue.


  • Can you share your .capx and a link to the exported version of your game? Are you sure you're not exhausting the device's memory with too many images?

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  • I finally figured it out. I debugged by trial and error. I took out all the images and start adding them one by one.

    I found that for one image the blend mode is "source in". When i set it to

    normal, the rendering is just fine.

    Its weird though, it did not have any issues with chrome and firefox. The only problem was on mac/safari.

    I would leave it up to you to figure out, what is the reasonable explanation for this behavior.

    Anyways, I really appreciate your response.

    Right now, I am debugging another issue, which is I dont hear the sounds on ipad/safari. However, the sounds are all working fine on safari/mac, chrome, firefox. I had both .ogg and .m4a files for the sounds. I will debug more, please let me know how to debug many of the issues like that. At this point, all I need is a very good way to debug.(I dont see any errors in the browser logs/inspector/firebug etc.,)

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