Render cells vs one giant object

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  • Hi all. I've got a crude "cave generator" going and I'm exploring ways to generate the terrain graphics, so I was wondering what'd work better performance-wise: having a lot of sprite objects + using render cells, or having one humongous object that covers the entire layout?

    Back in CC while working on a similar project I experimented with using the Canvas object to effectively turn all of the scenery into one big object, but this sounds like it'd put more strain on rendering since it's both huge and always on screen, so presumably the entire thing needs to be rendered all the time. I'm not sure a tilemap would work for what I have in mind, so for this scenario I'm only comparing these two. Thanks for any help.

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  • I hear you shouldn't use images larger than 2048x2048. Either way I'd choose sprites + render cells if they're mostly static.

  • I'd go with the same approach ; it's always a safe bet, at least at first before you start profiling a finished level and identify actual bottlenecks.

    Also, there's always a trade off between memory and cpu usage, granularity and batching. Usually going with a large texture atlas helps with batching, and using small elements helps with scene management (culling, etc.)

  • Alrighty, I guess we're all on the same page here. Thanks for the help.

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