Remove XOR effect?

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  • Hi all,

    One of the two differences between Canvas 2D and WebGL is there is no immediate replacement for the XOR effect. We can add it via a shader in future, but doing full shader effects is probably some way off. The easiest way to solve the incompatibility before then is simply to remove the XOR effect.

    I don't think it's a very useful effect, it looks very weird, so I wouldn't imagine many people have used it. Has anyone used it? Vote in the poll to let me know!

  • If I am not mistaken, XOR effect is used for masking, for example fog of war. You could use an opaque layer and a sprite that reveals layers below.

  • Suggestion: Why not add a message alert (with a "don't show again" option) so the user learns that the XOR effect has limitations?

  • If webgl is to be an option, as it may have to be with the power of two textures being an issue, I would say no to removing xor.

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  • Is there another way to do the whole Fog-Of-War effect? If there is, sure, kill it. Otherwise, that's an option I'd like to have.

  • Heh, I'm actually using it right now in my prototype, but really just so I could use the same sprite to generate two different effects (normal look and xor). I could always choose another effect, but doesn't matter much to me as my Asus EEE can't run WebGL.

    Ultimately I don't know enough to say whether it's needed or not...any artists want to chime in on that note? Still, if it was me I wouldn't out and out remove it; maybe a notice when you export or run layout, like 'warning: you are using the xor effect, which is not supported by WebGL. WebGL users will not see XOR sprite correctly.'

  • Well 3 people say they currently use it, I guess that makes it worth leaving in anyway.

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