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  • It's annoying when you go to the "How do I?" forum page and then go into a topic only to find out that it's solved already. I would suggest that you remove the solved ones or sort them away to another section.

    This would help a lot.

    ._. superwifibattler

  • I disagree entirely.

    The whole point is for people to look in that section for answers before posting a question.

    It is generally 'forum etiquette' for the OP to amend the post with the addendum 'SOLVED'.

  • I've learnt more from the solved threads than anything else on this site (manual and tutorials included), so I'd strongly disagree that they should be removed. Going into a thread and finding that it's solved usually prompts me to see how it was solved, and add that little nugget of information to my own repertoire.

    Moving them to a sub-forum would mean that they'd be neglected, relegated purely to searches. I enjoy reading through all threads in this section and if they're put off to the side then it'll just make it more of an effort to browse through them.

    A "solved" tag, on the other hand, wouldn't be remiss.

    Actually, giving it some thought I'd really appreciate a tag feature around here, and I think it'd be especially helpful for the newcomers. Tags like beginner, intermediate, advanced, physics, behaviour, UI and so on would be very useful to organise content at a glance, and could make searching a whole lot more powerful, too.

  • You have my vote for a "Solved" tag, but not for remove these threads :)

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  • I'm also going to chime in with disagreement, the How do I forum is a massive resource for solving problems, and with more complex queries there will often be more than one way of solving the problem: The first posted solution may not be the best.

  • Only thing that bothers me is the duplicate threads. I've never been to a forum with so many of the exact same topics :L

  • Yeah, I agree that a "Solved" tag would suit everybody. ;D

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