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  • Hi all, I have a question regarding the "one commercial project only" limitation based on the royalty free license, which applies to assets bought from the SCIRRA game store.

    May I ask if I have learnt everything from a purchased project template's event sheet, I can create as many commercial projects as I like, as long as I use all my own materials? (e.g. UI, art, sound .etc.).

    Even with similar event sheet setup, it will be fine as long as I don't copy and paste the events from the asset to my project?

    I just want to know how far the "one commercial project only" limitation goes before purchasing a template from the store.

    Many thanks.

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  • I think templates are set up to discourage continuous reskinning, and flipping.

    Anything you learn from a template can't be thought of as being part of a license agreement.

    Copy, and pasting events would probably not be considered as being something learned.

  • Thanks for your reply, and I think there is no clear line to define for example, I have learnt from a template how to put together a game or game function, it is unavoidable that many of the event setup I will use will be very close to or even sometimes identical (since otherwise such event won't work) to what I learnt from the template example. Even I am not going to just copy and paste them into my project, sometimes there is really no difference.

    For example, school forbids students to copy each others homework. However, if a student had the chance to read through a schoolmate's homework and already knew what are the correct answers, even he did not "copy" the answers, it is hard not to put in the right answers that he already knew? In such case, one could only expect minor wording and/or sequential differences in both of their home work.

  • As I said anything you learn belongs to you to use how you like, within reason, meaning there is a point where all you are doing is spitting out the same code verbatim.

    For example, if you mimic every core event, and create the same gameplay with only the graphics changed, then it could be argued that it is nothing more than a reskin.

    Basically, memorisation does not constitute learning. Then again, it's not that hard to change a mechanic to make it quite different from the original.

    I would wager that you could simply ask here on the forum, and get many suggestions on how to make it more unique.

    The licence also covers selling derivatives in the Scirra store, as it's basically reselling a template.

    Not only is that bad for the original creator, it also tugs against the terms of one commercial product.

    I would add that just making additional features like a leaderboard, or share buttons are not a change to to gameplay.

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