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  • Sorry, i posted on Spriter topic too but i think ill have more visibility as a standalone topic:

    I have a question regarding collision on spriter's sprites.

    Lets say i have 5 spriters:

    - If i check collisions with the sprite (the "blank square") its actually only with the square, so the edges of the image wont trigger for example;

    - If i check with the family created for the body parts, it works fine (as each body part is a sprite).

    Is this the only way? Because if so, how to have those 5 "spriters" all of them with their own collisions shapes and each within its own family? Without spriters those 5 sprites would be on a family (lets say enemy), but as each is a family and construct doesnt support family of families... im kinda lost.

    How you guys make it? Use one single family for the ENTIRE parts of spriter's being used?

    How construct handles a family with hundreds of sprites? Doesnt matter?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Bump. Anyone? :(

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