Recreate the Wood barrios Catapult effects in Donkey Kong

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  • Hi, everyone.

    Someone knows how to recreate the Wood barrios Catapult effects in Donkey Kong Country using construct 2?

    Like the bonus level.

    If someone knows and wants to share a solution, I will become very glad.


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  • I did it in my old project (

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    if I remember well ( I don't have my project right now ) I set some variables inside the barrel that say the distance in pixel where the player have to go, the angle, etc... when the player jump on it, if I remember I disabled the platform behavior or I set the gravity 0 of the player, and made a new system to menage the movement of the player while fly (you can do it in different ways) , and when the player reach the distance, I activate the gravity or the platform player and simulate a movement from the platform behavior (right or left) it depends where the player is direct

  • Thanks for your answer me

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