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  • Every time I try to record my game the FPS drops to 30. I can record other things with no performance issues, but C2 games have the speed halved.

    Tested with Fraps, Camtasia and LiceCap(captures gifs)

    It's too specific to be just a coincidence... any information on this?

  • Have you tried Bandicam. I used bandicam for my only 1 recoding and no problem.

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  • Being a Fraps user myself, I am aware that Fraps alters the framerate of the game to the framerate you specify. Try changing the FPS in Fraps to 60fps, though if you have a weak computer it may still drop below 60fps.

    Protip: If you're planning to upload this only to Youtube, Youtube makes all videos 30fps anyway, and as Construct 2 uses TimeDelta, you may as well ignore the fps change and record away at 30fps.

  • What is your FPS during game play, without recording?

  • I've had good experience with Fraps and Node-webkit export. Make sure you set Fraps to record at 60fps.

  • orangemicro sqiddster Jase00

    The game runs at 60fps normally

    Made new tests, setting all the programs to record at 60fps

    Fraps: records fine (on the previous test it was set to 30fps)

    Bandicam: pretty good, 57~60 fps

    Camtasia: Full screen: 55~60 fps, fps drops to 40 when recording region

    LiceCap: still drops to 30 fps

    So... might just be faulty software. They have much better performance when recording a bigger area, instead of just my 320x288 game

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