How to record gameplays?

  • Hello... i'm having a problem, i want to record gameplays for show videos/trailers of my game, but i can't, because i record quiet but when I watch the recording, the video is with lag. And if i use Dxtory on nodewebkit, the game crashes, how to fix that? I can record other games, but games if i made on C2 i can't, for the lag

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  • Upload them first to a store like Windows or just the Scirra Arcade and film them there. Hope this helps.

  • The problem is: The game is for PC (Nodewebkit), not for web.

    And i want to send the game to youtubers, but they can't record too

  • Update: No problems recording with the fraps!

  • I have used Bandicam

  • +1 for Bandicam

  • +2 for Bandicam, nice and easy to setup / use and records well =)

    Nice light program for screen recording

  • +1 for Fraps, hahah. I've used Bandican, CamStudio, Camtasia Studio, HyperCam, and yet to test out Open Broadcaster, but Fraps always keeps me going.

    When that fails, I load up a trial version of Camtasia Studio since it comes with both an editing suite and recording software.

    Also Fraps is one of the few software that actually can record both mic and stereo audio at the same time, which is a fault of many recording software (and my computer as well, since CS can, it just can't read these inputs/outputs on my laptop for God knows what reason).

    Edit: and if you wanna make some GIFs for imgur, check out GifCam.

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