Would you recommend C2 for my project?

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  • I have been working on the concept and art assets for a 2D survival game about a young adult who wakes up after having been in a coma for several years, only to find out the world is now void of people and he needs to find out what happened. The game will feature such things as needing to find food and other necessities for survival, as well as stealth, and action such as killing animals.

    I am asking if you think this software is the right choice for my game because I don't quite know it's limitations. This will be released for PC only, not mobile, so I am not concerned with mobile performance issues. But this game will feature rather vast open areas for hunting grounds and such, as well as a fully voiced character. Will all the assets I need to add to the game cause any bottlenecks or troubles?

    Thank you for any information you can provide!

  • Should be fine with no problems. Looking forward too seeing your game :)

  • I once did wanted to make a animal survival game and have tried to make the terrain spawn randomly. But it turned out that too many objects in one huge layout can cause a problem in the frame rate. If you can turn the world into more than one layout so everything doesn't happen in one layout then you got good chances to a great game in my opinion.

  • Um. 2D? Top down? Side scrolling? What gameplay does your game feature? Those questions are more important than "can (some vague game idea) be done in C2?".

    I'm guessing top-down exploration game with seamless environment. The seamless transitions can be tricky if you are not familiar with the concept, so you may want to research it a bit, experiment in the C2 sandbox. Terrain generation, etc. is another fairly complex concept.

    But that is true regardless of the game engine. In any case you are going to need some game development experience under your thumb.

    Start small, with prototypes testing each of game concepts separately. One prototype for inventory system, one for crafting, one for seamless transitioning etc.

  • Um. 2D? Top down? Side scrolling? What gameplay does your game feature? Those questions are more important than "can (some vague game idea) be done in C2?".

    It will be a mix of isometric and side scrolling depending on the type of area you are in. Most of the gameplay will be walking around and solving puzzles as well as discovering things that help you piece together the story. There character will have the ability to do realtime action type combat with guns/bows/knives, but most of the game will be trying to avoid detection by the enemies.

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  • I think it would work fine. I would consider making multiple layouts that link together as opposed to one gigantic one, by the way. It would be much more manageable and would perform better (true of any engine). I agree with the idea of using a few smaller projects to prototype different elements of your game. Nothing huge, but make them work and work well so when you make it all together it will be a smother experience.

    Nothing you describe is really outside of C2's capabilities and it has a very nice workflow, which should help you go quicker. Not in the same genre, but try out Courier in my signature. It has many of the elements you're looking to do, though try it in Chrome for the best experience. I think it may be a good way to estimate for yourself. I have a significantly larger map coming in my next content update which should show a little more of C2's capabilities. But give it a look and gauge things a bit and see if its in the realm of what you may be pursuing.

  • That definitely did have some elements im thinking of implementing. Thanks!

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