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  • Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing any performance issues using Preview mode of C2 or playing Scirra Arcade games.

    All of a sudden as of last night around 11pm the game I'm working on is running at 3 fps and is not even playable. I notice the same issue with Scirra Arcade.. games barely play. I rebooted thinking it was my computer, but got the same result.

    I tried playing a bunch of other games (non-web games) and the computer is fine.

    I run MSI Afterburner and check the GPU to make sure it's not being overtaxed but my game is only demanding 16MB at the most.

    When I Export my game as node-webkit it runs around 40fps (and normally it runs at 60fps)

    I have an older PC and thought that might be the issue, because I have had performance issues in the past, but to have it happen all of a sudden seems strange and sets off some flags..

    Did something change in Chrome? did something change in C2? what else could be causeing this? There has been no changes to my projects in the last week. And I've played Airscape(Scirra Arcade) before on this very

    computer and it ran fine.. now it barely plays.

    anyone else having any issues like this?

  • There are many threads with the recent chrome update causing performance issues.

  • Really? I searched the forums in the past 24 hour period and haven't seen a thing.. I've been working on this game for about 6 months now and all of a sudden I'm getting 3 fps... I've even loaded old versions just to make sure it's not some bug I introduced. I tried Firefox and get 10 fps.

    When I export to node webkit I get 60 fps... however if I have C2 open with my project, I get 43fps...

    I don't understand at all..

    I'm running XP Service Pack 3, 4GBRAM, dual core 3.2GHz Pentium chip..

    This isn't good, and its the first time I've questioned my decision to work with C2... I know I need a new computer, but the game I'm trying to develop is not exactly processor or graphics intensive... and regardless, I used to be able to play Scirra Arcade games fine, and now they don't even run...?? I really hope it's my computer, but I'm not convinced in the slightest...

  • Try another browser, your Chrome must have updated by itself (it loves doing this). You should also try another computer.

    What's your video card? Did you update it recently?

  • 24 hours isn't necessarily long enough to search through, the issue was brought up on the 17th. It is in fact a problem with chrome 32 and not c2, which is why node webkit is working fine, because it is basically an older version of chrome.

    The problem should be fixed in chrome 33. More info here:

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  • I'm more and more getting into position that i'll may uninstall chrome entirely from my PC... it's not just worth to have on. Too many security risks and problems.

  • I tried Firefox and get 10 fps.

  • Thanks Arima,

    I forced Chrome to use GPU acceleration as Ashley instructed. It made a difference, now the game is running at 24 fps.. but is super stuttery... so I'm not sure what's going on there. And I'm still not sure why Firefox is also having performance issues, but I don't normally use FF so I don't have a baseline.

    I am in fact on r158. I just think it's strange the timing of all this. Maybe my Chrome updated by itself only 2 days ago (when this all started for me?).

    Regardless, this really kind of stinks to be at the mercy of Chrome like that. That they can flip a switch and break everything. Although I guess that it's only for older computers... but still..

  • I tried the Public Dropbox version of my game on my Mac Mini (Chrome) and the game runs around 30 fps but doesn't have that stuttering problem that I see on the PC...

  • What's your video card? Did you update it recently?

    I have an ancient video card. ATI Radeon X550 and my driver is Catalyst 10.2

    The driver is up to date, but did not update it recently.

    I sort of like doing C2 on an older machine to get a sense of what an older computer can do... but at this point it may be just too outdated.

  • I've been getting a lot of comments and messages about these type of performance issues for my game. I thought they were related to Firefox, but it seems like they also apply to other browsers.

    I hope this will be fixed with next updates.

  • alvarop

    have you just been getting the messages lately (like in the past week) or has it been longer?

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