recent gamepad issues in Chrome?

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  • hi, has anyone noticed gamepad issues in C2 using Chrome?

    I've never had a problem before, but recently my gamepad won't work for my game. My system recognizes the gamepad, but it requires a reboot for Chrome to recognize it again. It seems random times when it stops working. But always requires a reboot. This has been only happening the past week or so. Is it happening to anyone else?

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  • I've confirmed this happening with the GamepadControl.capx example.. so I know it's not just my game. Now to find out if it's just my computer!

    My controllers work fine if I run the preview in NW or Firefox. So it's something with the latest version of Chrome I think.

  • Hmm, I fired up the gamepad control capx and set it to chrome. I didn't see any problems. As soon as I hit the "A" button, it registers right away. I tried previewing it maybe 6 times and never needed to reboot chrome. I never closed chrome in between previews (I closed the tab sometimes and didn't close it others).

    I "think" my chrome browser is up to date. It says Version 43.0.2357.124 m

    I am using an Xbox One controller, though it still says xbox 360 controller in the game text.

  • I had one instance of the gamepad not being detected after a re-load of the preview in Chrome. However, a disconnect-reconnect reset did the trick, and I then had repeated preview attempts all with good gamepad recognition. Latest Chrome 32 bit loaded and xbox 360 controller.

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