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  • So i am good at programming but cant draw to save my life. So what suggestions do you have where i can get free or cheap art?

    Down the road i will of course hire an artist but for now it would be nice to have some decent graphics while i build simple games for learning and possibly free on the app stores.

    I am not opposed to buying art from sites just dont know where to look.



    References from other games:

  • WOW that is awesome thank you

  • Personally I just ended up purchasing adobe creative cloud ($50 per month for all their products) and am using tutorials online to learn the ins and outs of them. Then again way before my days as a .Net developer I was trained by Macromedia as a Flash Developer/Designer and spend a lot of time in photoshop. But still, depending on how complex you want your game art, learning to do it yourself is a great way to save money as well as giving you an even deeper connection with your game not to mention another creative outlet...

    Currently I am doing the development, graphics and music for my first release. And I have to say each one is just as fun as the others...

  • Thanks didnt relize adobe offered that. Yes i would like to make my own but i think your born with it or you just suck like me :)

    I do have photoshop and know my way around it just actually drawing something is the challenge.

  • Welcome to art! No matter how far the technology comes to aid in the creation of art/games it will always be a challenge/struggle.

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  • Yes, and i applaude those of you that can make art it is just that, ART and i will gladly pay you for it.

  • Not a bad idea to keep your eyes open on the Tools/Resources section of the forums too.

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