Is it really this simple? HTML and Javascript?

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  • Hey guys!

    I just downloaded the free version. Checking out the manual.

    I'm reading on the desktop platforms and I'm wanting to clarify to see if I'm understanding this properly.

    1. To build a game in Construct 2 I'm programming in HTML 5 and Javascript and using some kind of Chrome sleeve to hold it all together to create an app for PC Games that can be played offline on the desktop????

    2. I used to manipulate JavaScript for web pages back in the early 2000's. Don't recall that there was any kind of number like there is with HTML specifying versions. But if the browser will support it then it's up to date...correct? IT will play?

    3. Any other scripting language that would be helpful? Will it have to contain those dreaded CSS? I hate Cascading Stylesheets. That's why I quit messing with it. I had HTML 4.... memorized and could code it by hand except for the color numbers. CSS's just messed me up royally.

    4. I don't see any requirement for C+ or anything like that. Have I missed something?


  • You can use some css for dom elements.

    There is no scripting, just an understanding of game logic, and expressions is needed.

    The games will run on just about any platform with an os, and hardware to match from say about 2008 and up.

    So Xp, 32 bit Linux, arm less than 1 gigahertz, not so much.

  • OH Wow! Cool!

    Well, I finally had learned how to tweek JavaScript files years ago. I wrote a little bit of it. Not much. I didn't know it indepth but for me, it wasn't too difficult to understand. Just a bunch of syntax rules.

    I've got Windows 7. And except for the extremely huge games (I had a problem with one of those Role Playing War games), I've never had a problem playing any of them so I don't figure I'd have to much problem creating and playing games myself.

    I want to learn how to create Adventure/Strategy and Puzzle games. Timed games with a lot of levels. Rewards.

    I've had this idea for a game running around in my head for about 10 years now. No joke! Never figured I could afford the software until now.

    Do you remember Gold Miner? It used to play as a Javascript Browser game and they finally made it into a download game. I still play that stupid thing when I'm bored.

    That's the kind of game I want to learn to create. And maybe later, I'll learn to create something like the After Dark Games. I've loved ToasterRun.

    I appreciate you answering my questions.

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  • Oh, one other question?

    Can you create games to put on disk where the buyer can put in a code to unlock it? That way people can buy the disk and keep their own copy?

  • Sure.

    The Chrome wrapper Nwjs, is a bit heavy on disk 50-100 mb.

    Which again shouldn't be an issue for a modern machine.

  • Got gigs!

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