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  • First of all I'll just say I am a huge fan of Construct. I've published games to the app store using most of the well know engines, and Construct is definitely the best one I've tried so far. Really easy to use and also very powerful at the same time.

    I've been working on a very audio heavy musical app, for a few months now (for iOS), and I've experienced lots of very serious problems with the audio that I just can't seem to fix... I realise this probably isn't a problem with Construct, and more likely something to do with the HTML5 audio engine, but at this point I'm willing to try almost anything to get it working! I have tried using XDK, Phonegap Build, Cordova CLI and Cocoon JS to build the app, so at this point there really is no other option, I'm looking into moving the project over to another program, but I really really don't want to.

    First off all, sometimes when I close the app and then reopen it there is no audio at all, this can only be fixed by shutting the app down from the task manager, or sometimes requires a reboot of the iPhone / iPad. I think it's something to do with the app not re-capturing the audio device, as the hardware volume controls will only control the ringer when this happens. I'd imagine that this also happens with all games made for iOS?

    Secondly, sometimes when I open the app, the sound is there, but very distorted, this also requires the same steps to fix.

    The third, and most serious problem for me, is that the audio engine seems to get worse the longer the app is running. If have a piano keyboard on the screen for example, I can run up and down the keys playing all the notes for about 10-20 seconds, then the audio gradually starts to pop and click more and more, until eventually there is nothing but pops and clicks. If I wait until all the notes stop playing, and then play a single key, the sound is still distorted and horrible. It's almost like the audio engine crashes or something? This also requires the to be shut down and reopened. Could the audio not be unloading itself from the memory properly? They are all very short samples, and do not cause any problems when they are playing together at first. It really seems like it is dependent on how long the app is open.

    I can reproduce this with a simple project with one audio file and one button, if you hold the button down to play a sample repeatedly, it will eventually degrade into pops and clicks.

    Ashley I know this is probably an HTML related problem but if there's anything you could suggest I'd be really grateful, as I know you are an expert on the audio side of things. I've used the analyser effect to make sure I'm not clipping anywhere along the chain.


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  • It sounds like it might just be to do with the browser's implementation of the Web Audio API. But if you could file a bug report for any audio issues you have following all the guidelines, particularly if they have an easy way to reproduce them, then I can investigate.

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