Is it really require to make the copyright ?

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  • Finally I have completed the game, just wanted to know that, is it really require to make the copyright ?

    because generally people are use the free sounds and fonts in games. I am also used free things, so that I am asking.

    Please suggest !


  • Yes its a must if you intend to make money with it! if you dont intend to make money with the game, not so important.

  • Okay, Thanks a lot !

    The game is free just I am using ads.

  • Okay, Thanks a lot !

    The game is free just I am using ads.

    ads are a income this days, so copyright is needed!

  • Thanks for the information !

    sorry I am asking again and again but If you know the how to do copy right, or any guide link, please let me know.

  • Find out where you get the free things you used in your game.

    On Opengameart there are clear licenses like:

    cc0 - no copyright you can use FREE

    CC BY 3.0 - just put the original artist in your credits

    If there is no copyright information on the page where you got your resources,

    then you need to contact the creator and ask for permission to use - and show them your project.

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  • radhaw

    It's my understanding that copyright automatically applies once you've created something, but you might want to put a copyright notice somewhere in your game.

    [quote:1uba0dsy]© 2017, My Company Name, All rights reserved.

    If you want to do something "official" there are various organisations where you can register copyright, just look for the one in your country, but it's not strictly necessary.

    Google is your friend if you need more information, but honestly unless your game is super unique I would't worry about it too much.

  • @ jbr190

    and OddConfection,

    Thanks a lot ! Your reply is very helpful for me.

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