Any really profitable games made with construct 2?

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  • Super dead post, but thought I'd add my two cents, since I googled the very same question and this thread popped up.

    Construct 2's main PRO is that a jack of all trades can quickly produce a finished product and export to all major platforms.

    A programming pro with a team might be better served with Unity, especially for 3D games or simply wanting higher rez visuals.

    To echo previous comments, a games success comes down to how truly novel it is + your Luck variable

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  • I'm starting to get the feeling luck is the major part in game development...

  • Luck.. or hard work and determination Take your pick.

    Seriously, not many people succeed on the first try - or the second. Every failure makes you stronger though.

    Keep your chin up mate.

  • Reading through this old thread, I still stand by my prior statements. C2 and now C3, is not the limiting factor to your success on mobiles or PC/MAC. For 2D games, it still is the standard for other game engines to look up to for speed and workflow.

    To answer the original OP question, whether there's profitable C2 games, there have been plenty of profitable developers. I am fortunate and lucky enough to be among one of them and I still love to work with C2.

  • Honestly it depends on the genre. Construct's platforming engine/performance woes are still affecting our customers on Steam even when they are way above minimum specifications, while our pre-alpha for our current game that was made in Unity hasn't had any of those issues. We've even crammed more effects and details into the new game and it runs on lower end hardware than our C2 game.

  • I'm starting to get the feeling luck is the major part in game development...

    Luck is key for all endeavors....

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