Is it really possible to make such an idea by using Cons.2?

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  • Hi, I am very new in making games and know completely nothing about it, neither have any experience in making them, but as far as some images recently started to pop up in my head, I finally came with the plan of actually carrying it out , but main problem is that I really have no idea if its possible to bring it to reality with 2 d game engines such as Construct 2 , or should I actually go and look for 3d one..?

    And the one of my idea which should be included in my future dream game goes like this:

    Imagine if a mechanical spinning top turns around not just itself, but drunk(y) on a surface, and if it comes closer to you, it begins a bit increasing in it's size, and if it is remote - accordingly opposite! So the view of this scene must not be looked from the top, neither from the side, they are both in one, looks like from the famous game "Star Craft" (if you actually had a chance to play it!..)

    So really possible?

  • Isometric games?


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  • By "isometric" I assume - is like a strategy point of view, but I am still in big doubt that it can carry out my idea in terms of the size variation and also spinning around at all angles it can, and I also did not mention here about graphic quality which must look as high as possible and definitely not look like this of course:

    2D Isometric Game Graphic Design - Drawing a Restaurant in Photoshop

    Source: Youtube

  • Sounds like you'd need a 3D engine.

    Good luck.

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