What really is the use of Margins ?

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  • Hello Developers :)

    The layout properties contain changeable data like layout size and margins.

    I see that the margins gives a kind of "free space" for us to put our assets that are not to be seen on the stage unless it's their time [when we bring them in].

    I am just curious about whether I am using the margins as it was intended.

    So here's my question, is the margin mainly for the developer to put their stuff away for a while ? or is there an actual "official" usage of the margins ?

    Thanks ;p

  • I use it to dump assets too... pretty sure everyone does. Being able to adjust the margin just allows more or less space to scatter your junk xD

    If there is some other practical use, I'd love to find out what that is too. :D


  • So would I.

  • Same here.

  • So the camera can scroll all the way to layout borders.

  • The funny thing is, there's nothing stopping you from dumping assets outside the margins...


  • It's just a comfort thing really. Set the margins to 0 and you'll see it's really cramped scrolling around the layout, so it's nice to have some extra scroll space. In Classic the ability to change the margin was requested several times so I added an option for it - I guess people just like to change it according to taste.

    The area outside the layout is useful for stowing away objects you want to place but not have in the actual game. For example, most of your bullets probably use the 'destroy outside layout' behavior. So you can have a row of your bullet objects outside the layout which will all be destroyed on startup because they're outside the layout, but it still gives you a place in the layout view to select them and edit their properties.

  • Yeah, the area outside is nice to have... perhaps remove the margins and just allow infinite (to an extent) scrolling outside the layout?

  • Having infinite doesn't make much sense, being able to set how much you want is fine, also think of the scroll bars!

  • OK then... sure, leave it as it is I guess :D

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  • What a lively community!

    I am very satisfied with the replies :)

    It seems everyone is using it as a sort of comfort zone ;p

    I love it as it is :)

    I too wonder, if its purpose is assert placement, that we could just make the "margins" infinite, but yeah infinite scrollbar sucks ;p

    In any case, Construct 2 is very well designed, wouldn't change it a bit :)

    And I am SOOOO Glad I bought it during the Offer :)

  • Ashley

    My layout is far over the Margins current cap limit of 10000

    My game castle is 48000,38400.

    The scrollbars do a weird snap when reaching that margin limit.

    Can this be looked at?

    Kind Regards.


  • Hi,

    when you put margin 0, does it affect on the scale if you make an android app for exemple ?

    I mean, if you put margin 500 for exemple, in some devices the screen would be greater so you can see more of the layout than in some other devices whith which you'll see less.

    but if you put margin 0, you will see the same on each device and never more ?

    Or does margin don't affect at all on the screen size vision ?


  • Having infinite doesn't make much sense, being able to set how much you want is fine, also think of the scroll bars!

    True, I like the margin option like it is.

  • Note this thread was originally posted in 2012.

    Margins have no effect at all on the actual game itself. It only affects the view in the editor.

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